Our Story - The Family behind the Brand

The Family behind the brand..

Hey! I’m Jami, the mom behind the madness. Like most moms, I wear a lot of hats, wife, business owner, friend, sister, daughter, designer, hairstylist, Photographer, Boo Boo Kisser, Car Line Runner, Dinner Planner (I'm not very good at this one)  and the list goes on!!! 

I have always been creative, I love sewing and creating all the things. When I was young I would design and sew my own items often. 

This  business idea came about in 2016 when I became pregnant with a girl after being a Boy Mama for the last 12 years. I decided to make everything I could for the only girl in our house. This small idea quickly blossomed into the Hockey Mom lifestyle I was used to living with my boys at the time. Most designs are created and executed in between the everyday madness of motherhood. 

I wanted to create something that could bring a little bit of magic into the everyday madness of motherhood. maybe the laundry pile is the size of a mountain, the to do list extra long,  practice schedules make dinner time next to impossible, and the school just sent another list of theme days for the second week in a row to keep a with, and you just remembered you need a gift for the neighborhood kids bday party, but still need to order matching outfit for the family photo shoot in 2 weeks! its a lot, its overwhelming,  but I've been there, I get it!  I can help! I understand and want to make it easier!

 We are a family of 3 boys and a sassy little girl. 2/3 boys played travel hockey for 14 seasons. If your kids play hockey you know "hockey season" is a joke and its actually a year round commitment. We are constantly traveling and chaotic with hockey. When we aren't in a rink for hockey we are likely in an arena for All Star Cheer. 

Aside from that crazy schedule if we aren't doing all the sports, you'll find us outdoors!

The Kids : 

Josh and Rj are the 2 oldest. They are both “adults” at this point and don’t quite help as much as they used to. Rj is in college and only comes home on the weekends and Joshua is working full time. When I can snag them to help; Rj is usually the one moving heavy boxes and shipping and Josh does anything website and text related. 

Lucas is the youngest of my boy squad. He was the reason we started our game of HIDE & SEEK! We traveled quite a bit for his sports and it was a fun way to spread magic while we travel!  Lucas helps with designs, marketing, shipping and more. 

Penelope is our sassy sour patch kid. She keeps everyone on their toes. She is a dancer & an all star competitive cheerleader. She loves gymnastics. Penelope helps pick out fabric and decides what each item it will be. She is the reason for any bling and sparkle you see throughout designs. 


We hope you love our stuff and find something for everyone in the family. We hope to continue to grow with your family and share some amazing moments! Remember: always Be the Magic!