Be the Magic

A touch of magic inside the madness 

This fits us perfect because I’m a mom of 4 kids that are always on the go! 3 of the 4 kids played pretty demanding sport’s schedules and always have us on the go. 

What you may not know is before Penelope blessed our crazy family of boys….

We unexpectedly ended up with a neighbor's toddler.

Meet Jayden 

Jayden had fallen from the 3rd story window the same morning child services were scheduled to step in to protect him and his 2 siblings. His parents took what I would consider an unnatural amount of time to come check on their crying stunned toddler. THANKFULLY the small overhang roof saved his life and flipped him over to land flat on his back. Jayden was of course rushed to Children’s hospital to be examined.

I was at home around 11am same morning when I heard a knock on my door. Child Services are here, I am thinking to investigate incident from earlier that morning and whatever information I had to offer about their situation… I was VERY wrong. They asked me if I’d be willing to take him in, so he doesn’t need to be placed into the foster system. A whirlwind & a few child clearances later and I’m being told Jayden’s being released to me at 3:30pm the SAME day!

My youngest kid at the time was Lucas in 2nd grade! I didn’t have a car seat! I didn’t have anything at all for little children. I didn’t even know much about the kid I was about to pick up. His name and a guesstimate of his age. Panic sets in.

Thankfully, child services offered me a car seat. When I got to the hospital, I was handed a toddler with nothing but a diaper & hospital gown on. No age, no idea if he has allergies or basically anything.

I called my husband leaving the hospital and he ran to grab pajamas and a few clothes from the store. We had a really good support system within our sports family so people we super helpful with donating clothes and things.

I tell you all this VERY short chaotic version of that time in our life because

this is the reason we decided to start BE THE MAGIC & give back to the families and children in need.  sometimes life comes with complicated family dynamics and need a little extra love & support!

We ask everyone to always Be Kind but if you’re able

BE THE MAGIC in someone’s madness! You could change their life! 

A % each of our sales will go towards this cause year round. We will be releasing an EXCLUSIVE design quarterly for the cause and 100% profit will go towards it as well! We plan to offer assistance in multiple different ways throughout the year. We will assist in multiple areas of life, food, clothing, sports expenses, gifts, birthdays, anytime a little extra MAGIC is necessary. 

If you or someone you know could use a little extra magic, please email us! with the subject -Be the Magic-  This will ALWAYS be kept confidential to protect the youth involved.